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Analytics Services

Harness your data to deliver actionable business
insights that drive outcomes.

Through our analytics services, we help you leverage the essence of data analysis and delivery to help you understand new opportunities, hidden threats, your core audience, and their needs.

Strategy and Roadmap.

Becoming an information-driven organization is hard work, but a plan can help. By combining all aspects of business intelligence, big data, and data science, we help map the path to get you there.

Predictive Analytics.

We utilize data science and machine learning techniques are excellent for using historical data to create predictive models to improve forecasting, customer classification, and many other activities.

Experience Design.

From evaluating your current architecture to designing for your future, we help you achieve your design goals. Our approach does not just cover technical expertise, it also includes organizational change and business process improvements.

Business Intelligence.

Help your organization make better business decisions by establishing the right strategies, tools, and capabilities to give rapid access to data and insights to decision makers with our business intelligence services.

Smart Analytics.

We can help you leverage Google Cloud’s fully managed serverless analytics platform to help you gain real-time insights that improve your decision-making and accelerate innovation.

Platform Modernization.

Modernize your analytics with cloud, flexible architectures, and the latest technologies. Streamline business insights from data while reducing costs.

Our Solutions

Business Intelligence.

Optimize your
business decisions
and performance.

Pandera provides business intelligence implementation expertise to help organizations uncover and decipher patterns, relationships, and trends from their internal data assets often in combination with external data sources. Our BI solutions drive improvements in business processes and performance, empowers users to conduct their own analyses, share insights, and collaborate with others.

We provide the best analytics solution based
on your business needs.


For a business, these are the analytics that are essential to reporting. They provide you with key metrics about your business and serve as a basis of which to dive deeper.


Using advanced analytics tools, analysts use this data to drill-down, perform data discovery, data mine, and find correlations that will help answer why something happened.


Looking for trends? Planning for the future? Predictive analytics are what you need. They require the use of ML and AI, and can be a huge asset to your business.


With prescriptive analytics, you’re taking and analyzing large sets of descriptive and predictive data utilizing ML and AI in order to find the best possible outcome.

Our Solutions.


Marketing Intelligence.

We provide AI-driven marketing Intelligence solutions delivering actionable insights that enable your organization to get a comprehensive view of your customer, predict their behaviors, and develop campaigns that convert.

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Cloud Looker

Customer Experience.

Our team of CX consultants, specialized in CX architecture, predictive analytics, and digital marketing will collaborate with your operational teams to help you develop next-gen CX strategies and solutions that improve customer conversions and increase overall brand loyalty.

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Infrastructure Modernization.

Whether you’re just starting your journey to the cloud or are re-architecting for cost optimization, scalability, or integration capabilities, we have the capabilities to build a better infrastructure for your organization.

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Success Stories.

Road Scholar

Designer Brands Inc.

OB Hospitalists Group

Road Scholar



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Road Scholar

Optimizing Customer Experience evaluation through Machine Learning “Pandera was very good at helping us understand the process of doing text-analytics. They were also very good at helping.
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Designer Brands Inc.

Improving customer personalization at scale through the Cloud with Smart Analytics & AI Very knowledgeable staff, strong technical resources. Their staff truly knows google cloud platform unlike.
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OB Hospitalists Group

A full migration of their business analytics and app environment to Google Cloud Pandera is a true partner that works with OBHG to advance our business and.
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Road Scholar

Lift and Shift of Road Scholar’s business intelligence environment to Google Cloud Hosting our business and smart analytics environment in Google Cloud through Pandera has saved us.
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Accelerating their transformation and taking their data-driven initiatives to the cloud Historians say we are in the Scientific Revolution. Cloud Transformation is analogous to moving from the.
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