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Leveraging Smart Analytics to Personalize Offerings

How Retailers are Leveraging Smart Analytics to Personalize Offerings

Consumer data is highly valuable in the retail industry, and retailers are leveraging that data to personalize offerings through smart analytics solutions.

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Benefits of Predictive Analytics in Healthcare

The Benefits of Predictive Analytics in Healthcare

The benefits of predictive analytics in healthcare are helping to transform the industry as a whole.

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Google Cloud Next ‘21 Recap

Google Cloud Next ‘21 Recap

This year's Google Cloud Next ‘21 Recap features our favorite new features and updates of the Google Cloud Platform!

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Transforming Healthcare Organizations

How the Cloud is Transforming Healthcare Organizations

There's a reason why healthcare organizations are rapidly adopting cloud-based solutions on their journey to a digital transformation.

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Cloud Landing Zone

Cloud Landing Zone Fundamentals

A cloud landing zone is one of the first key steps to an organization's digital transformation journey to the cloud.

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Lift and Shift Cloud Migration

What to Consider Before a Lift and Shift Migration

Before a lift and shift migration to the cloud, organizations should consider specific variables to ensure the most success.

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Business Team Corporate Marketing Analytics

Maximize Your Marketing Analytics Without Wasteful Investments

Marketing analytics investments can be wasteful without proper strategy and direction. Find out how to optimize your marketing analytics without wasteful investments.

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Businessman using Marketing Analytics.

Marketing Analytics Is Now More Important than Ever

Marketing analytics is the most effective way to understand the entire customer journey and has been an important solution for marketers to study their own efforts.

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Marketing Mix Modeling Benefits

The Benefits of Marketing Mix Modeling

Essentially, there are three main benefits to MMM that can improve marketing effectiveness for organizations.

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marketing Mix Modeling Pandera

What is Marketing Mix Modeling?

Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) is a marketing analytics solution that considers both controllable and uncontrollable variables.

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