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Pandera announces Data Science Development Series

Pandera is pleased to announce the launch of our Data Science Development Series in partnership with the Southern Data Science Conference. The six part series which begins on May 27th, will provide participants with an accelerated curriculum covering the most critical components of Data Science.

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Driving Innovation Through Our Communities

We will cover the importance of community and how purpose-driven groups can help support and provide solutions to the challenges we face today.

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Designing a Fitness Leaderboard in GCP

With the Corona virus shutting down everyone’s typically norm, we at Pandera have been trying to hold strong to keeping active both individually and active in our culture.

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Activating Data During and Post Pandemic

We can’t measure and prepare for what we do not know. To address the impacts of the current pandemic, organizations are relying on data to course correct.

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Growth Strategies During COVID-19

During the current economic and health crisis, is it possible to achieve growth as we navigate through these uncharted waters.

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Marketing During COVID-19

This week, we will be discussing the state of Marketing during the current COVID-19 pandemic. In such a volatile market and heightened sensitivity by consumers, what approach do you take with your marketing efforts?

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Helping Retailers Improve Customer Acquisition and Retention Cost during COVID-19

Framework: Retailers are faced with tremendous challenges to stay viable and competitive. They need to make use of all the tools at their disposal... Read More

The State of the Hospitality Industry

This week, we will be discussing the state of the Hospitality Industry during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

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Pandera to showcase AI-Driven marketing intelligence solution

Tommy Bliven Director of Marketing Pandera, the market leader in enterprise business intelligence and advanced data sciences, is excited to announce that we will... Read More

Pandera Systems named Google Cloud Premier Partner

Pandera, a leader in cloud transformation and advanced analytics solutions, is excited to announce they have joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program as a Premier Partner.

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Data Quality: A Lesson in Eating Your Own Dog Food

Eating our own dog food isn’t something that comes easy, especially when we talk about Data Quality and Governance. These issues cannot be fixed by a tool, but can be fixed by changing the way people work, enforcing process, and understanding the data and how it is used.

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