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Pandera Announces Hire of Jeffrey Guilfoyle as Vice President of Sales

Pandera Announces Hire of Jeffrey Guilfoyle as Vice President of Sales

Pandera is excited to welcome Jeffrey Guilfoyle as our new Vice President of Sales.

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The Benefits of AI/ML in Analytics for Organizations

Learn more about the benefits of AI/ML in analytics. Better analytics means a better understanding of customers and better business outcomes.

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What is application modernization

What is Application Modernization?

Google Cloud’s application modernization solutions help customers modernize a wider range of applications. Read this article to find out how.

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data warehouse in the cloud

How to Choose a Data Warehouse

It’s no easy feat for organizations to choose the right data warehouse. Many different variables must be considered which align with business needs. Data warehouses allow for flexibility in how data is stored and queried. Access to data is valuable amongst enterprises regarding revenue generation, cost containment, and profit optimization.

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Packers Fans and Business Leaders Virtual Wine Tasting Experience

Pandera will be hosting an exclusive event like no other for Packers fans and business leaders. Three Fat Guys Winery, owned and operated by former Packers players Daryn Colledge, Jason Spitz, and the host for this virtual experience, Tony Moll.

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What Are Three Major Types of Cloud Migrations?

What Are Three Major Types of Cloud Migration Strategies?

There are benefits to each type of migration. With strategy and a phased approach, organizations can shift to Google Cloud effectively and efficiently!

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Operational Machine Learning on Google Cloud

Learn about the challenges that are impeding a company’s ability to operationalize Machine Learning and how to solve it through MLOps.

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Develop end-to-end ML solutions at scale on Google Cloud

This blog provides an in-depth overview of how Google’s pre-trained Machine Learning (ML) APIs and AutoML...

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Pandera awarded Google Cloud Machine Learning Specialization

Pandera, a leader in cloud transformation and smart analytics solutions, has been awarded the Google Cloud ML Specialization. This achievement recognizes Pandera’s expertise and technical proficiency in leveraging the Google Cloud Platform to deliver advanced ML solutions.

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Designing a Fitness Leaderboard in GCP

With the Corona virus shutting down everyone’s typically norm, we at Pandera have been trying to hold strong to keeping active both individually and active in our culture.

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